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Prentiss Ingraham

(Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904)

Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Boyhood to Manhood
Buffalo Bill Entrapped: or, A Close Call
Buffalo Bill's Boy Bugler: or, The Last of the Indian Ring
Buffalo Bill's Spy Trailer: or, The Stranger in Camp
Buffalo Bill, the Border King: or, Redskin and Cowboy
Wizard Will, the Wonder Worker

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Buffalo Bill Among the Sioux; Or, The Fight in the Rapids
Buffalo Bill's Best Bet; Or, A Sure Thing Well Won
Buffalo Bill's Big Surprise; Or, The Biggest Stampede on Record
Buffalo Bill's Bold Play; Or, The Tiger of the Hills
Buffalo Bill's Girl Pard; Or, Dauntless Dell's Daring
Buffalo Bill's Pursuit; Or, The Heavy Hand of Justice
Buffalo Bill's Ruse; Or, Won by Sheer Nerve
Buffalo Bill's Still Hunt; Or, The Robber of the Range
Buffalo Bill's Weird Warning; Or, Dauntless Dell's Rival
Buffalo Bill, Peacemaker; Or, On a Troublesome Trail
Seventy Years on the Frontier

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