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W. W. Jacobs

(Jacobs, W. W. (William Wymark), 1863-1943)

Admiral Peters (from "Odd Craft")
An Adulteration Act (from "The Lady of the Barge")
At Sunwich Port
At Sunwich Port (Chapters 1-5)
At Sunwich Port (Chapters 11-15)
At Sunwich Port (Chapters 16-20)
At Sunwich Port (Chapters 21-25)
At Sunwich Port (Chapters 6-10)
Back to Back (from "Night Watches")
Bedridden; and The Winter Offensive (from "Deep Waters")
Bill's Lapse (from "Odd Craft")
Bill's Paper Chase (from "The Lady of the Barge")
Blundell's Improvement (from "Odd Craft")
The Boatswain's Mate (from "Captains All")
Bob's Redemption (from "Captains All")
Breaking a Spell (from "Odd Craft")
Captain Rogers (from "The Lady of the Barge")
Captains All (10-story collection)
Captains All (short story)
The Castaway (from "Odd Craft")
The Changing Numbers (from "Odd Craft")
The Constable's Move (from "Captains All")
The Convert (from "Deep Waters")
Cupboard Love (from "The Lady of the Barge")
Deep Waters (12 story collection)
Dialstone Lane
Dialstone Lane (Chapters I-IV)
Dialstone Lane (Chapters IX-XIII)
Dialstone Lane (Chapters V-VIII)
Dialstone Lane (Chapters XIV-XVII)
Dialstone Lane (Chapters XVIII-XXIII)
Dirty Work (from "Deep Waters")
Dixon's Return (from "Odd Craft")
Easy Money (from "Night Watches")
Establishing Relations (from "Odd Craft")
Family Cares (from "Deep Waters")
The Four Pigeons (from "Captains All")
The Ghost of Jerry Bundler
A Golden Venture (from "The Lady of the Barge")
His Other Self (from "Night Watches")
Husbandry (from "Deep Waters")
In the Library (from "The Lady of the Barge")
Keeping Watch (from "Night Watches")
The Lady of the Barge (12-story collection)
The Lady of the Barge (short story)
Lawyer Quince (from "Odd Craft")
Light Freights
Made to Measure (from "Deep Waters")
The Madness of Mr. Lister (from "Captains All")
Many Cargoes (second edition, 1894)
A Master of Craft
A Mixed Proposal (from "The Lady of the Barge")
The Money-Box (from "Odd Craft")
The Monkey's Paw (audio performance)
The Monkey's Paw (from "The Lady of the Barge")
More Cargoes
The Nest Egg (from "Captains All")
Night Watches (10-story collection)
Odd Charges (from "Odd Craft")
Odd Craft (14-story collection)
Over the Side (from "Captains All")
Paying Off (from "Deep Waters")
The Persecution of Bob Pretty (from "Odd Craft")
Sailor's Knots
Sailor's Knots (Part 10: "Prize Money")
Sailor's Knots (Part 11: "Double Dealing")
Sailor's Knots (Part 12: "Keeping Up Appearances")
Sailor's Knots (Part 1: "Deserted")
Sailor's Knots (Part 2: "Homeward Bound")
Sailor's Knots (Part 3: "Self-Help")
Sailor's Knots (Part 4: "Sentence Deferred")
Sailor's Knots (Part 5: "Matrimonial Openings")
Sailor's Knots (Part 6: "Odd Man Out")
Sailor's Knots (Part 7: "The Toll-House")
Sailor's Knots (Part 8: "Peter's Pence")
Sailor's Knots (Part 9: "The Head of the Family")
Sam's Ghost (from "Deep Waters")
Sea Urchins
Shareholders (from "Deep Waters")
Ship's Company
Ship's Company (Part 10: For Better or Worse)
Ship's Company (Part 11: The Old Man of the Sea)
Ship's Company (Part 12: "Manners Makyth Man")
Ship's Company (Part 1: Fine Feathers)
Ship's Company (Part 2: Friends in Need)
Ship's Company (Part 3: Good Intentions)
Ship's Company (Part 4: Fairy Gold)
Ship's Company (Part 5: Watch-Dogs)
Ship's Company (Part 6: The Bequest)
Ship's Company (Part 7: The Guardian Angel)
Ship's Company (Part 8: Dual Control)
Ship's Company (Part 9: Skilled Assistance)
Short Cruises
Short Cruises (unillustrated)
The Skipper's Wooing; and The Brown Man's Servant
A Spirit of Avarice (from "Odd Craft")
Stepping Backwards (from "Night Watches")
Stories of W. W. Jacobs
Striking Hard (from "Deep Waters")
The Substitute (from "Deep Waters")
The Temptation of Samuel Burge (from "Captains All")
The Third String (from "Odd Craft")
The Three Sisters (from "Night Watches")
Three at Table (from "The Lady of the Barge")
A Tiger's Skin (from "The Lady of the Barge")
The Understudy (from "Night Watches")
The Unknown (from "Night Watches")
The Vigil (from "Night Watches")
The Weaker Vessel (from "Night Watches")
The Well (from "The Lady of the Barge")
The White Cat (from "Captains All")

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