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George Wharton James

(James, George Wharton, 1858-1923)

The Grand Canyon of Arizona: How to See It

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The California Birthday Book: Prose and Poetical Selections from the Writings of Living California Authors with a Brief Biographical Sketch of each
The Grand Canyon of Arizona: How to See It
The Indians of the Painted Desert Region: Hopis, Navahoes, Wallapais, Havasupais
The Lake of the Sky: Lake Tahoe in the High Sierras of California and Nevada, its History, Indians, Discovery by Frémont, Legendary Lore, Various Namings, Physical Characteristics, Glacial Phenomena, Geology, Single Outlet, Automobile Routes, Historic Towns, Early Mining Excitements, Steamer Ride, Mineral Springs, Mountain and Lake Resorts, Trail and Camping Out Trips, Summer Residences, Fishing, Hunting, Flowers, Birds, Animals, Trees, and Chaparral, with a Full Account of the Tahoe National Forest, the Public Use of the Water of Lake Tahoe and Much Other Interesting Matter
Living the Radiant Life: A Personal Narrative
The Old Franciscan Missions Of California
Picturesque Pala: The Story of the Mission Chapel of San Antonio de Padua Connected with Mission San Luis Rey
Quit Your Worrying!
Scenic Mount Lowe and Its Wonderful Railway
The Story of Captain, the Horse with the Human Brain
The Story of Scraggles
What the White Race May Learn from the Indian

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