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Charles King

(King, Charles, 1844-1933)

"Laramie", or, The Queen of Bedlam: A Story of the Sioux War of 1876
An Apache Princess: A Tale of the Indian Frontier
A Daughter of the Sioux: A Tale of the Indian Frontier
The Deserter
Foes in Ambush
Found in the Philippines: The Story of a Woman's Letters
From the Ranks
Kitty's Conquest
Lanier of the Cavalry: or, A Week's Arrest
Marion's Faith
Ray's Daughter: A Story of Manila
A Soldier's Trial: An Episode of the Canteen Crusade
Starlight Ranch, and Other Stories of Army Life on the Frontier
Sunset Pass: or, Running the Gauntlet Through Apache Land
A Tame Surrender: A Story of the Chicago Strike
To the Front: A Sequel to Cadet Days
Tonio, Son of the Sierras: A Story of the Apache War
Trumpeter Fred: A Story of the Plains
Under Fire
A War-Time Wooing: A Story
Waring's Peril
Warrior Gap: A Story of the Sioux Outbreak of '68
A Wounded Name

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Cadet Days: A Story of West Point
Campaigning with Crook, and Stories of Army Life
From School to Battle-field: A Story of the War Days
Rancho Del Muerto, and Other Stories of Adventure: by Various Authors, from "Outing"
A Trooper Galahad

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