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Richard Le Gallienne

(Le Gallienne, Richard, 1866-1947)

The Book-Bills of Narcissus
The Complete Angler
English Poems
Famous Modern Ghost Stories
Heine and Mathilde (from Old Love Stories Retold)
A Jongleur Strayed: Verses on Love and Other Matters Sacred and Profane
The Lonely Dancer and Other Poems
October Vagabonds
Pieces of Eight
Prose Fancies
Prose Fancies (Second Series)
The Quest of the Golden Girl
Robert Louis Stevenson: An Elegy; and Other Poems, Mainly Personal
The Romance of Zion Chapel
The Silk-Hat Soldier, and Other Poems in War Time
Vanishing Roads, and Other Essays
The Worshipper of the Image
Young Lives

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The Gilded Man: A Romance of the Andes
Little Dinners With the Sphinx, and Other Prose Fancies
The Maker of Rainbows, and Other Fairy-tales and Fables

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