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Vernon Lee

(Lee, Vernon, 1856-1935)

The Beautiful: An Introduction to Psychological Aesthetics
Belcaro: Being Essays on Sundry Aesthetical Questions
The Countess of Albany
Euphorion (Volume I)
Euphorion (Volume II)
Hauntings: Fantastic Stories
Hortus Vitae: Essays on the Gardening of Life
Laurus Nobilis: Chapters on Art and Life
A Phantom Lover
Renaissance Fancies and Studies: Being a Sequel to Euphorion
The Spirit of Rome
Vanitas: Polite Stories

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Ariadne in Mantua: A Romance in Five Acts
La vita Italiana nel Rinascimento: Conferenze tenute a Firenze nel 1892
Limbo, and Other Essays; To which is now added Ariadne in Mantua
Penelope Brandling: A Tale of the Welsh coast in the Eighteenth Century

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