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Madeline Leslie

(Leslie, Madeline, 1815-1893)

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Bertie and the Gardeners; or, The Way to be Happy
Bertie's Home; or, the Way to be Happy
Cora and The Doctor; or, Revelations of A Physician's Wife
The Factory Boy
Good for evil : $b or, Rose Cottage
Ingleside; $b or, Without Christ and with Him
Little Frankie and His Cousin
Little Frankie and his Mother
Little Frankie at His Plays
Little Frankie at School
Little Frankie on a Journey
Little Robins Learning to Fly
Little Robins' Love One to Another
The Lost Kitty
Minnie's Pet Cat
Minnie's Pet Dog
Minnie's Pet Horse
Minnie's Pet Lamb
Minnie's Pet Monkey
Minnie's Pet Parrot
The Pearl of Love; or, Josey's Gift
The Pearl of Peace; or, The Little Peacemaker
Up the ladder; $b or, striving and thriving

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