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Machado de Assis

(Machado de Assis, 1839-1908)

Brazilian Tales
Dom Casmurro (in Portuguese)
Esaú e Jacob (in Portuguese)
Historias Sem Data (in Portuguese)
A Mão e a Luva (in Portuguese)
Mémoires Posthumes de Braz Cubas (in French)
Memórias Pósthumas de Braz Cubas (in Portuguese)
Memorial de Ayres (in Portuguese)
Papeis Avulsos (in Portuguese)
Poesias Completas: Chrysalidas, Phalenas, Americanas, Occidentaes (in Portuguese)
Quincas Borba (in Portuguese)

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Machado de Assis, Son Oeuvre Littéraire
Os Trabalhadores do Mar
Quéda que as Mulheres Têm para os Tolos
Reliquias de Casa Velha
Yayá Garcia

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