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Clements R. Markham

(Markham, Clements R. (Clements Robert), Sir, 1830-1916)

Apu Ollantay: A Drama of the Time of the Incas
History of the Incas
The Letters of Amerigo Vespucci, and Other Documents Illustrative of His Career
Richard III: His Life and Character, Reviewed in the Light of Recent Research

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Akbar: An Eastern Romance
The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes: His Fortunes & Adversities; with a Notice of the Mendoza Family, a Short Life of the Author, Don Diego Hurtado De Mendoza, a Notice of the Work, and Some Remarks on the Character of Lazarillo de Tormes
The Paladins of Edwin the Great
The Story of Majorca and Minorca
Travels in Peru and India: While Superintending the Collection of Chinchona Plants and Seeds in South America, and Their Introduction into India.
The Voyages of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros, 1595 to 1606. Volume 1
The War of Chupas
The War of Quito
The travels of Pedro de Cieza de Léon, A.D. 1532-50,: contained in the first part of his Chronicle of Peru
The travels of Pedro de Cieza de Léon; part 2

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