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Mrs. Molesworth

(Molesworth, Mrs., 1839-1921)

"Carrots": Just a Little Boy
"Us": An Old Fashioned Story
The Adventures of Herr Baby
The Boys and I: A Child's Story for Children
A Budget of Christmas Tales, by Charles Dickens and Others
A Christmas Child: A Sketch of a Boy-Life
A Christmas Fairy, and Other Stories
A Christmas Posy
The Cuckoo Clock (illus. Crane)
The Cuckoo Clock (illus. Kirk)
Five Minutes' Stories
Four Ghost Stories
The Girls and I: A Veracious History
Grandmother Dear: A Book for Boys and Girls
Great-Uncle Hoot-Toot
The Green Casket, and Other Stories
Little Miss Peggy: Only a Nursery Story
The Man With the Pan-Pipes; and Other Stories
Miss Mouse and Her Boys
My New Home
The Palace in the Garden
The Rectory Children
Robin Redbreast: A Story for Girls
The Tapestry Room: A Child's Romance
The Thirteen Little Black Pigs, and Other Stories
Uncanny Tales

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Blanche: A Story for Girls
The Carved Lions
The Children of the Castle
Christmas-Tree Land
Cicely : a story of three years
An Enchanted Garden: Fairy Stories
Fairies Afield
Four Winds Farm
The Grim House
The House That Grew
Imogen; Or, Only Eighteen
The Laurel Walk
The Little Old Portrait
Lover and Husband: A Novel
The Magic Nuts
Mary: A Nursery Story for Very Little Children
Not Without Thorns
Nurse Heatherdale's Story
The Old Pincushion; or, Aunt Clotilda's Guests
On the art of writing fiction
The Oriel Window
Sweet Content
Tell Me a Story
That Girl in Black; and, Bronzie
The Third Miss St Quentin
Two Little Waifs
White Turrets
The Wood-Pigeons and Mary

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