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E. Phillips Oppenheim

(Oppenheim, E. Phillips (Edward Phillips), 1866-1946)

An Amiable Charlatan
Anna the Adventuress
The Avenger
The Betrayal
The Black Box: Illustrated With Scenes From the Photo-Play
The Box With Broken Seals
The Cinema Murder
The Devil's Paw
The Double Four
The Double Life of Mr. Albert Burton
The Double Traitor
The Evil Shepherd
The Governors
The Great Impersonation
The Great Prince Shan
The Great Secret
The Illustrious Prince
Jacob's Ladder
Jeanne of the Marshes
The Kingdom of the Blind
The Lighted Way
The Lost Ambassador: or, The Search for the Missing Delora
A Lost Leader
A Maker of History
The Malefactor
The Master Mummer
A Millionaire of Yesterday
The Mischief-Maker
The Missioner
A Monk of Cruta
The Moving Finger
Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo
The New Tenant
Nobody's Man
The Pawns Count
A People's Man
Peter Ruff and the Double-Four
A Prince of Sinners
The Profiteers
The Survivor
The Tempting of Tavernake
To Win the Love He Sought; The Great Awakening
The Traitors
The Vanished Messenger
The Yellow Crayon
The Zeppelin's Passenger

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Aaron Rodd, Diviner
Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat
False Evidence
The Golden Web
The Hillman
Master of Men
Mr. Marx's Secret
Mysterious Mr. Sabin
The Seven Conundrums
Stolen Idols
The Wicked Marquis
The Yellow House; Master of Men

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