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Robert Emmett Owen

(Owen, Robert Emmett, 1878-1957)

The Girls of Central High Aiding the Red Cross, or, Amateur Theatricals for a Worthy Cause
The Go Ahead Boys and Simon's Mine
The Go Ahead Boys on Smugglers' Island
Grimm's Fairy Stories
Tom Slade With the Boys Over There
Tom Slade on Mystery Trail
Tom Slade's Double Dare
Tom Slade, Motorcycle Dispatch-Bearer

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Bobby Blake on the School Nine; Or, The Champions of the Monatook Lake League
Bobby of Cloverfield Farm
The Corner House Girls Growing Up: What Happened First, What Came Next. And How It Ended
The Corner House Girls Under Canvas: How they reached Pleasant Cove and what happened afterward
The Corner House Girls at School
The Corner House Girls in a Play: How they rehearsed, how they acted, and what the play brought in
The Corner House Girls on a Tour: Where they went, what they saw, and what they found
The Corner House Girls' Odd Find: Where they made it, and What the Strange Discovery led to
The Corner House Girls: How they moved to Milton, what they found, and what they did
Dorothy Dale's engagement
Frank Merriwell's brother : Or, The greatest triumph of all
Jack Heaton, wireless operator
The Motor Boys Bound for Home; or, Ned, Bob and Jerry on the Wrecked Troopship
The Motor Boys in the Army; or, Ned, Bob and Jerry as Volunteers
The Motor Boys on a Ranch; or, Ned, Bob and Jerry Among the Cowboys
Navy boys behind the big guns : or, Sinking the German U-boats
Patsy Carroll Under Southern Skies
Roy Blakeley in the Haunted Camp
Sheila of Big Wreck Cove: A Story of Cape Cod
Six little Bunkers at Captain Ben's
Tom Slade with the Flying Corps: A Campfire Tale
Welsh Rarebit Tales
The Y. M. C. A. boys on Bass Island : or, The mystery of Russabaga camp

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