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Margaret Penrose

The Campfire Girls of Roselawn: or, A Strange Message from the Air
The Campfire Girls on Station Island: or, The Wireless from the Steam Yacht
Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School
Dorothy Dale in the City
Dorothy Dale's Camping Days
Dorothy Dale's Queer Holidays
Dorothy Dale: A Girl of To-Day
Dorothy Dale: A Girl of To-Day (audio reading)
The Motor Girls
The Motor Girls Through New England: or, Held by the Gypsies
The Motor Girls at Camp Surprise: or, The Cave in the Mountains
The Motor Girls at Lookout Beach: or, In Quest of the Runaways
The Motor Girls in the Mountains: or, The Gypsy Girl's Secret
The Motor Girls on Cedar Lake: or, The Hermit of Fern Island
The Motor Girls on Crystal Bay: or, The Secret of the Red Oar
The Motor Girls on Waters Blue: or, The Strange Cruise of the Tartar
The Motor Girls on a Tour
The Motor Girls on the Coast: or, The Waif From the Sea

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Dorothy Dale and Her Chums
Dorothy Dale in the West
Dorothy Dale's Great Secret
Dorothy Dale's Promise
Dorothy Dale's School Rivals
The Radio Girls at Forest Lodge; or, The Strange Hut in the Swamp
The Radio Girls on Station Island: The wireless from the steam yacht
The Radio Girls on the program : $b or, Singing and reciting at the sending station
The radio girls of Roselawn : $b or, A strange message from the air

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