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Harold Piffard

Fitz the Filibuster
A Honeymoon in Space
Hunting the Skipper
The Peril Finders
Verner's Pride
When the Birds Begin to Sing
Zoraida: A Romance of the Harem and the Great Sahara

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'Farewell, Nikola'
The Crime and the Criminal
Dick Leslie's Luck: A Story of Shipwreck and Adventure
The Fall of the Grand Sarrasin: Being a Chronicle of Sir Nigel de Bessin, Knight, of Things that Happed in Guernsey Island, in the Norman Seas, in and about the Year One Thousand and Fifty-Seven
If Sinners Entice Thee
A Lost Leader: A Tale of Restoration Days
The Ruby Sword: A Romance of Baluchistan
Tom Ossington's Ghost

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