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C. M. Relyea

(Relyea, C. M. (Charles M.), 1863-1932)

Caps and Capers: A Story of Boarding School Life
A Defective Santa Claus
The Dragon's Secret
Just Patty
The Man With the Black Feather
On Christmas Day in the Evening
On Christmas Day in the Morning
The Wolf Hunters: A Tale of Adventure in the Wilderness
The Wyndham Girls

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Around the End
At the Emperor's Wish: A Tale of the New Japan
Behind the Line: A Story of College Life and Football
Billy To-morrow
The Brother of a Hero
Captain Chub
Captain of the Crew
Catcher Craig
Change Signals: A Story of the New Football
Children of the Tenements
The Crimson Patch
The Crimson Sweater
Crofton Chums
First Base Faulkner
For Yardley: A Story of Track and Field
For the Honor of the School: A Story of School Life and Interscholastic Sport
Four Afoot: Being the Adventures of the Big Four on the Highway
Four in Camp: A Story of Summer Adventures in the New Hampshire Woods
The Girl Next Door
Harry's Island
The House of Egremont : a novel
Kingsford, Quarter
Left End Edwards
Left Tackle Thayer
Like Another Helen
Nid and Nod
On Your Mark! A Story of College Life and Athletics
Partners Three
Patroon van Volkenberg : A tale of old Manhattan in the year sixteen hundred & ninety-nine
Pitcher Pollock
Rich men's children
Rivals for the Team: A Story of School Life and Football
The Rose of Old St. Louis
Round the Corner in Gay Street
Rubáiyát of Doc Sifers
The Sapphire Signet
The Slipper Point Mystery
Three Sides of Paradise Green
Tom, Dick and Harriet
Tommy Remington's Battle
The Turner Twins
Weatherby's Inning: A Story of College Life and Baseball
The Web of the Golden Spider
Winning His "Y": A Story of School Athletics
The black wolf's breed : A story of France in the Old world and the New, happening in the reign of Louis XIV
The mystery of the Sea-Lark

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