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Lillian Elizabeth Roy

(Roy, Lillian Elizabeth, 1868-1932)

Polly of Pebbly Pit

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The Blue Birds at Happy Hills
The Blue Birds' Winter Nest
Five Little Starrs in the Canadian Forest
Girl Scouts at Dandelion Camp
Girl Scouts in Arizona and New Mexico
Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks
Girl Scouts in the Rockies
Janet: A Stock-Farm Scout
The Little Washington's Relatives
The Little Washingtons' Travels
Natalie: A Garden Scout
Norma: A Flower Scout
Polly and Eleanor
Polly and Her Friends Abroad
Polly in New York
Polly in the Southwest
Polly's Business Venture
Polly's Southern Cruise
Woodcraft Boys at Sunset Island
The Woodcraft Girls at Camp
The Woodcraft Girls in the City

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