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Edwin L. Sabin

(Sabin, Edwin L. (Edwin Legrand), 1870-1952)

Gold Seekers of '49
Pluck on the Long Trail: or, Boy Scouts in the Rockies

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Beaufort Chums
Boys' Book of Frontier Fighters
Boys' Book of Indian Warriors and Heroic Indian Women
Buffalo Bill and the Overland Trail: Being the story of how boy and man worked hard and played hard to blaze the white trail, by wagon train, stage coach and pony express, across the great plains and the mountains beyond, that the American republic might expand and flourish
Desert Dust
On the Plains with Custer: The Western Life and Deeds of the Chief With the Yellow Hair, Under Whom Served Boy Bugler Ned Fletcher, When in the Troublous Years 1866–1876 the Fighting Seventh Cavalry Helped to Win Pioneer Kansas, Nebraska, and Dakota for White Civilization and Today's Peace
Opening the West With Lewis and Clark: By Boat, Horse and Foot Up the Great River Missouri, Across the Stony Mountains and on to the Pacific, When in the Years 1804, 1805, 1806, Young Captain Lewis, the Long Knife, and His Friend Captain Clark, the Red Head Chief, Aided by Sacajawea, the Birdwoman, Conducted Their Little Band of Men Tried and True Through the Unknown New United States
The Pike's Peak Rush; Or, Terry in the New Gold Fields
When You Were a Boy
With Carson and Frémont: Being the Adventures, in the Years 1842-'43-'44, on Trail Over Mountains and Through Deserts From the East of the Rockies to the West of the Sierras, of Scout Christopher Carson and Lieutenant John Charles Frémont, Leading Their Brave Company Including the Boy Oliver
With Sam Houston in Texas: A Boy Volunteer in the Texas Struggles for Independence, When in the Years 1835-1836 the Texas Colonists Threw Off the Unjust Rule of Mexico, and by Heroic Deeds Established, Under the Guidance of the Bluff Sam Houston, Their Own Free Republic Which To-day is the Great Lone Star State

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