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Marshall Saunders

(Saunders, Marshall, 1861-1947)

"Boy", the Wandering Dog: Adventures of a Fox-Terrier
'Tilda Jane, an Orphan in Search of a Home: A Story for Boys and Girls
Beautiful Joe: An Autobiography
Beautiful Joe: An Autobiography (alternate edition)
Bonnie Prince Fetlar: The Story of a Pony and His Friends
Deficient Saints: A Tale of Maine
For His Country, and Grandmother and the Crow
Pussy Black-Face: or, The Story of a Kitten and Her Friend
Rose à Charlitte: An Acadien Romance

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Golden Dicky, The Story of a Canary and His Friends
Her Sailor: A Love Story
The House of Armour
The King of the Park
Princess Sukey: The story of a pigeon and her human friends
The Story of the Gravelys: A Tale for Girls

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