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H. L. Sayler

(Sayler, H. L. (Harry Lincoln), 1863-1913)

The Air Ship Boys, or, The Quest of the Aztec Treasure
The Airship Boys' Ocean Flyer: or, New York to London in Twelve Hours
The Blind Lion of the Congo
On the Edge of the Arctic: or, An Aeroplane in Snowland

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The Aeroplane Express; or, The Boy Aeronaut's Grit
Battling the Bighorn; or, The Aeroplane in the Rockies
The Boy Aeronauts' Club; or, Flying for Fun
A Cruise in the Sky; or, The Legend of the Great Pink Pearl
In the Clouds for Uncle Sam; or, Morey Marshall of the Signal Corps
The Stolen Aeroplane; or, How Bud Wilson Made Good
When Scout Meets Scout; or, The Aeroplane Spy

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