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Molly Elliot Seawell

(Seawell, Molly Elliot, 1860-1916)

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The Berkeleys and their neighbors
Betty at Fort Blizzard
Betty's Virginia Christmas
Children of destiny
Decatur and Somers
Despotism and Democracy: A Study in Washington Society and Politics
The History of the Lady Betty Stair
The Jugglers: A Story
The Last Duchess of Belgarde
The Loves of the Lady Arabella
Maid Marian, and Other Stories
Paul Jones
Quarterdeck and Fok'sle: Stories of the Sea
The Rock of the Lion
The Secret of Toni
The Son of Columbus
A Strange, Sad Comedy
Throckmorton: A Novel
Twelve Naval Captains: Being a Record of Certain Americans Who Made Themselves Immortal
The fortunes of Fifi
The lively adventures of Gavin Hamilton

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