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Garrett Putman Serviss

(Serviss, Garrett Putman, 1851-1929)

A Columbus of Space
Curiosities of the Sky
Edison's Conquest of Mars (book edition)
Edison's Conquest of Mars (serial edition)
The Moon Metal
Other Worlds: Their Nature, Possibilities and Habitability in the Light of the Latest Discoveries
The Second Deluge

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Astronomy in a nutshell : The chief facts and principles explained in popular language for the general reader and for schools
Astronomy with an Opera-glass: A Popular Introduction to the Study of the Starry Heavens with the Simplest of Optical Instruments
How to Use the Popular Science Library; History of Science; General Index
The Moon: A Popular Treatise
Pleasures of the telescope: An Illustrated Guide for Amateur Astronomers and a Popular Description of the Chief Wonders of the Heavens for General Readers
Round the year with the stars: The chief beauties of the starry heavens as seen with the naked eye

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