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A. B. Shute

At the Fall of Port Arthur: or, A Young American in the Japanese Navy
The Campaign of the Jungle: or, Under Lawton Through Luzon
Fighting for the Right
Fighting in Cuban Waters: or, Under Schley on the Brooklyn
Four Young Explorers: or, Sight-Seeing in the Tropics
Marching on Niagara: or, The Soldier Boys of the Old Frontier
To Alaska for Gold: or, The Fortune Hunters of the Yukon

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At the fall of Montreal; or, A soldier boy's final victory
Camping on the St. Lawrence; Or, On the Trail of the Early Discoverers
In the Saddle
Lost on the Orinoco; or, American boys in Venezuela
On to Pekin; or, Old Glory in China
The Putnam Hall Cadets; or, Good Times in School and Out
The Rival Campers; Or, The Adventures of Henry Burns
A Son of Ishmael: A Novel
With Washington in the west; $b or, A soldier boy's battles in the wilderness
The Young Book Agent; or, Frank Hardy's Road to Success

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