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Samuel Smiles

(Smiles, Samuel, 1812-1904)

A Boy's Voyage Round the World
The Huguenots in France
Industrial Biography: Iron-Workers and Tool-Makers
Jasmin: Barber, Poet, Philanthropist
The Life of Thomas Telford, Civil Engineer, with an Introductory History of Roads and Travelling in Great Britain
Lives of the Engineers: The Locomotive; George and Robert Stephenson
Men of Invention and Industry
A Publisher and His Friends: Memoir and Correspondence of John Murray, With an Account of the Origin and Progress of the House, 1768-1843
Self-Help: With Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance

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The Life of George Stephenson and of his Son Robert Stephenson: Comprising Also a History of the Invention and Introduction of the Railway Locomotive
Life of a Scotch Naturalist: Thomas Edward, Associate of the Linnean Society.: Fourth Edition
Lives of Boulton and Watt. Principally from the Original Soho Mss.: Comprising also a history of the invention and introduction of the steam engine

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