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E. E. Smith

(Smith, E. E. (Edward Elmer), 1890-1965)

First Lensman
The Galaxy Primes (magazine version, 1959)
Lord Tedric (short story from the March 1954 issue of Universe)
Masters of Space (from If, 1961-1962)
Skylark Three (magazine version, 1930)
The Skylark of Space (magazine version, 1928)
Spacehounds of IPC (magazine version, 1931)
Triplanetary (book version, c1948)
Triplanetary (magazine version, 1934)
The Vortex Blaster

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Children of the lens
Galactic Patrol
Gray Lensman
Masters of the vortex
Robot nemesis
Second stage Lensmen
The Skylark of Valeron
Storm Cloud on Deka
Subspace Survivors
The vortex blaster makes war

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