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Gordon Stables

(Stables, Gordon, 1840-1910)

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Aileen Aroon, A Memoir: With other Tales of Faithful Friends and Favourites
Annie o' the Banks o' Dee
As We Sweep Through The Deep
Born to Wander: A Boy's Book of Nomadic Adventures
The Boy's Own Book of Indoor Games and Recreations: A Popular Encyclopædia for Boys
Cats: Their Points and Characteristics: With Curiosities of Cat Life, and a Chapter on Feline Ailments
Courage, True Hearts: Sailing in Search of Fortune
The Cruise of the Land-Yacht "Wanderer"; or, Thirteen Hundred Miles in my Caravan
The Cruise of the Snowbird: A Story of Arctic Adventure
Crusoes of the Frozen North
The Domestic Cat
From Squire to Squatter: A Tale of the Old Land and the New
Harry Milvaine; Or, The Wanderings of a Wayward Boy
How Jack Mackenzie won his epaulettes
In Far Bolivia: A Story of a Strange Wild Land
In Touch with Nature: Tales and Sketches from the Life
In search of fortune: A tale of the old land and the new
In the Land of the Great Snow Bear: A Tale of Love and Heroism
The Island of Gold: A Sailor's Yarn
Kenneth McAlpine: A Tale of Mountain, Moorland and Sea
Medical Life in the Navy
O'er Many Lands, on Many Seas
Our Home in the Silver West: A Story of Struggle and Adventure
The Sauciest Boy in the Service: A Story of Pluck and Perseverance
Shireen and her Friends: Pages from the Life of a Persian Cat
Turkish and Other Baths: A Guide to Good Health and Longevity
Wild Adventures in Wild Places
Wild Adventures round the Pole: Or, The Cruise of the "Snowbird" Crew in the "Arrandoon"
Wild Life in the Land of the Giants: A Tale of Two Brothers
The naval cadet: A story of adventures on land and sea

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