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Burton Egbert Stevenson

(Stevenson, Burton Egbert, 1872-1962)

Affairs of State: Being an Account of Certain Surprising Adventures Which Befell an American Family in the Land of Windmills
American Men of Action
The Gloved Hand: A Detective Story
The Holladay Case: A Tale
The Home Book of Verse (Part I: Poems of Youth and Age)
The Home Book of Verse (Part II: Poems of Love)
The Home Book of Verse (Part III: Poems of Nature)
The Home Book of Verse (Part IV: Familiar Verse, and Poems Humorous and Satiric)
The Mystery of the Boule Cabinet: A Detective Story
A Soldier of Virginia: A Tale of Colonel Washington and Braddock's Defeat

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American Men of Mind
At Odds with the Regent: A Story of the Cellamare Conspiracy
Cadets of Gascony: Two stories of old France
The Charm of Ireland
The Destroyer: A Tale of International Intrigue
The Girl from Alsace: A Romance of the Great War, Originally Published under the Title of Little Comrade
Holladayn juttu : Salapoliisiromaani
The Kingmakers
Little comrade: a tale of the great war
Mr. Waddy's Return
Mysterium Arcae Boulé
Poems of American History
That Affair at Elizabeth
Tommy Remington's Battle
The Young Section-Hand
The Young Train Dispatcher
The Young Train Master
The path of honor: A tale of the war in the Bocage
The quest for the rose of Sharon

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