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Herbert Strang

The Adventures of Dick Trevanion: A Story of Eighteen Hundred and Four
The Air Patrol: A Story of the North-West Frontier
Barclay of the Guides
The Blue Raider: A Tale of Adventure in the Southern Seas
Burton of the Flying Corps
Carry On! A Story of the Fight for Bagdad
Fighting With French: A Tale of the New Army
The Flying Boat: A Story of Adventure and Misadventure
A Hero of Liege: A Story of the Great War
Humphrey Bold: A Story of the Time of Benbow
In Clive's Command: A Story of the Fight for India
King of the Air: or, To Morocco on an Aeroplane
No Man's Island
The Old Man of the Mountain
One of Clive's Heroes: A Story of the Fight for India
Palm Tree Island
Round the World in Seven Days
Samba: A Story of the Rubber Slaves of the Congo
Settlers and Scouts: A Tale of the African Highlands
Swift and Sure: The Story of a Hydroplane
Tom Burnaby: A Story of Uganda and the Great Congo Forest
Tom Willoughby's Scouts: A Story of the War in German East Africa
With Drake on the Spanish Main
With Marlborough to Malplaquet: A Story of the Reign of Queen Anne

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The Adventures of Harry Rochester: A Tale of the Days of Marlborough and Eugene
Boys of the Light Brigade: A Story of Spain and the Peninsular War
Bright Ideas: A Record of Invention and Misinvention
Brown of Moukden: A Story of the Russo-Japanese War
The Cruise of the Gyro-Car
Frank Forester: A Story of the Dardanelles
A Gentleman-at-Arms: Being Passages in the Life of Sir Christopher Rudd, Knight
Jack Hardy: A Story of English Smugglers in the Days of Napoleon
Kobo: A Story of the Russo-Japanese War
The Motor Scout: A Story of Adventure in South America
The long trail: A story of African adventure

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