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Edward Stratemeyer

(Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930)

American Boys' Life of Theodore Roosevelt
At the Fall of Port Arthur: or, A Young American in the Japanese Navy
The Boy Land Boomer: or, Dick Arbuckle's Adventures in Oklahoma
Boys of the Fort: or, A Young Captain's Pluck
The Campaign of the Jungle: or, Under Lawton Through Luzon
Dave Porter At Bear Camp: or, The Wild Man of Mirror Lake
Dave Porter and His Double: or, The Disapperarance of the Basswood Fortune
Dave Porter and His Rivals: or, The Chums and Foes of Oak Hall
Dave Porter and the Runaways: or, Last Days at Oak Hall
Dave Porter at Star Ranch: or, The Cowboy's Secret
Dave Porter in the Far North: or, The Pluck of an American Schoolboy
Dave Porter in the Gold Fields: or, The Search for the Landslide Mine
Dave Porter in the South Seas: or, The Strange Cruise of the Stormy Petrel
Dave Porter on Cave Island: or, A Schoolboy's Mysterious Mission
Fighting in Cuban Waters: or, Under Schley on the Brooklyn
First at the North Pole: or, Two Boys in the Arctic Circle
For the Liberty of Texas
Four Boy Hunters: or, The Outing of the Gun Club
Guns and Snowshoes: or, The Winter Outing of the Young Hunters
The Last Cruise of the Spitfire: or, Luke Foster's Strange Voyage
Leo the Circus Boy: or, Life Under the Great White Canvas
Marching on Niagara: or, The Soldier Boys of the Old Frontier
The Missing Tin Box: or, The Stolen Railroad Bonds
The Mystery at Putnam Hall: or, The School Chums' Strange Discovery
On the Trail of Pontiac: or, The Pioneer Boys of the Ohio
Out With Gun and Camera: or, The Boy Hunters in the Mountains
Richard Dare's Venture: or, Striking Out for Himself
The Rover Boys Down East: or, The Struggle for the Stanhope Fortune
The Rover Boys Out West: or, The Search for a Lost Mine
The Rover Boys Under Canvas: or, The Mystery of the Wrecked Submarine
The Rover Boys at Big Horn Ranch: or, The Cowboys' Double Round-Up
The Rover Boys at Colby Hall: or, The Struggles of the Young Cadets
The Rover Boys at College: or, The Right Road and the Wrong
The Rover Boys at School: or, The Cadets of Putnam Hall
The Rover Boys in Alaska: or, Lost in the Fields of Ice
The Rover Boys in Business: or, The Search for the Missing Bonds
The Rover Boys in Camp: or, The Rivals of Pine Island
The Rover Boys in New York: or, Saving Their Father's Honor
The Rover Boys in Southern Waters: or, The Deserted Steam Yacht
The Rover Boys in the Air: or, From College Campus to the Clouds
The Rover Boys in the Jungle: or, Stirring Adventures in Africa
The Rover Boys in the Land of Luck: or, Stirring Adventures in the Oil Fields
The Rover Boys in the Mountains: or, A Hunt for Fun and Fortune
The Rover Boys on Land and Sea: or, The Crusoes of the Seven Islands
The Rover Boys on Snowshoe Island: or, The Old Lumberman's Treasure Box
The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle: or, The Strange Cruise of the Steam Yacht
The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle: or, The Strange Cruise of the Steam Yacht (unillustrated version)
The Rover Boys on a Hunt: or, The Mysterious House in the Woods
The Rover Boys on a Tour: or, Last Days at Brill College
The Rover Boys on the Farm: or, Last Days at Putnam Hall
The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes: or, The Secret of the Island Cave
The Rover Boys on the Ocean: or, A Chase for a Fortune
The Rover Boys on the Plains: or, The Mystery of Red Rock Ranch
The Rover Boys on the River: or, The Search for the Missing Houseboat
Three Young Ranchmen: or, Daring Adventures in the Great West
To Alaska for Gold: or, The Fortune Hunters of the Yukon
True to Himself: or, Roger Strong's Struggle for Place
An Undivided Union
Young Auctioneers: or, The Polishing of a Rolling Stone
The Young Bridge-Tender: or, Ralph Nelson's Upward Struggle
Young Captain Jack: or, The Son of A Soldier
Young Hunters of the Lake: or, Out With Rod and Gun
The Young Oarsmen of Lakeview

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At the fall of Montreal; or, A soldier boy's final victory
Dave Porter and His Classmates; Or, For the Honor of Oak Hall
Dave Porter's Great Search; Or, The Perils of a Young Civil Engineer
Dave Porter's Return to School; Or, Winning the Medal of Honor
Falling in with Fortune; Or, The Experiences of a Young Secretary
The Gun Club Boys of Lakeport; Or, The Island Camp
Lost on the Orinoco; or, American boys in Venezuela
Nelson the Newsboy; Or, Afloat in New York
Oliver Bright's Search; or, The Mystery of a Mine
On to Pekin; or, Old Glory in China
Out for Business; or, Robert Frost's Strange Career
Pioneer boys of the gold fields : or, The nugget hunters of '49
The Putnam Hall Cadets; or, Good Times in School and Out
The Putnam Hall Champions; or, Bound to Win Out
The Putnam Hall Encampment; or, The Secret of the Old Mill
The Putnam Hall Rebellion; or, The Rival Runaways
The Putnam Hall Rivals; or, Fun and Sport Afloat and Ashore
The Rover Boys Shipwrecked; or, A Thrilling Hunt for Pirates' Gold
The Rover Boys at Big Bear Lake; or, The Camps of the Rival Cadets
The Rover Boys on Sunset Trail; or, The old miner's mysterious message
The Rover Boys winning a fortune; or, Strenuous days ashore and afloat
Trail and Trading Post; or, The Young Hunters of the Ohio
Two young lumbermen : or, From Maine to Oregon for fortune
Under the Mikado's flag : or, Young soldiers of fortune
When Santiago Fell; or, The War Adventures of Two Chums
With Boone on the frontier : Or, The pioneer boys of old Kentucky
With Washington in the west; or, A soldier boy's battles in the wilderness
Young Hunters in Porto Rico; or, The Search for a Lost Treasure
A Young Inventor's Pluck; or, The Mystery of the Willington Legacy
The Young Oarsmen of Lakeview
The fort in the wilderness : or, The soldier boys of the Indian trails
The young volcano explorers : Or, American boys in the West Indies

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