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George P. Upton

(Upton, George P. (George Putnam), 1834-1919)

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Arnold of Winkelried, the Hero of Sempach
Christopher Columbus
The Duke of Brittany
Elizabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary
Emin Pasha
Emperor William First, the Great War and Peace Hero
Eugenie, Empress of the French
Frederick the Great and the Seven Years' War
The Frithiof Saga
George Washington
Gods and Heroes
Hernando Cortes
Johann Sebastian Bach
Letters of Peregrine Pickle
Life of Haydn
Life of Liszt
Life of Wagner
The Little Dauphin
Louise, Queen of Prussia
Ludwig Van Beethoven
The Maid of Orleans
Maria Theresa
Maximilian in Mexico
Memories: A Story of German Love
Mozart's Youth
Prince Eugene, the Noble Knight
Queen Maria Sophia of Naples, a Forgotten Heroine
The Standard Cantatas: Their Stories, Their Music, and Their Composers: A Handbook
The Standard Light Operas, Their Plots and Their Music
The Standard Operas: Their Plots, Their Music, and Their Composers: (12th edition)
The Standard Oratorios: Their Stories, Their Music, And Their Composers
Swiss Heroes: An Historical Romance of the Time of Charles the Bold
Ulysses of Ithaca
William Penn
The Youth of the Great Elector

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