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Herman B. Vestal

Beyond Lies the Wub

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Acid Bath
Alien Equivalent
The Ambassadors From Venus
Beneath the Red World's Crust
Beyond the X Ecliptic
The Bloodhounds of Zirth
The Bryd
Captives of the Thieve-Star
Chicken Farm
Collision Orbit
Crash Beam
Dawn of the Demigods
Doomsday 257 A.G.!
Duel in Black
Exile From Venus
A Fine Day for Dying
Flight From Time
The Geisha Memory
Give Back a World
The Green Dream
Grim Green World
The Gun
Lake of Fire
Land Beyond the Flame
Last Call
Last Call From Sector 9G
The Last Laugh
Last Night Out
The Little Pets of Arkkhan
Lord of a Thousand Suns
Martian Nightmare
Moon of Danger
The Pit of Nympthons
The Pluto Lamp
Poison Planet
Purple Forever
Ricardo's Virus
Sargasso of Lost Starships
Sign of Life
Signal Red
The Star Beast
The Starbusters
Swordsman of Lost Terra
Synthetic Hero
Tiger by the Tail
The Timeless Ones
Tonight the Stars Revolt!
Wreck Off Triton

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