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Susan Warner

(Warner, Susan, 1819-1885)

The Carpenter's Daughter
Daisy in the Field
The Gold of Chickaree
The Hills of the Shatemuc
Melbourne House
Melbourne House (Volume I)
Melbourne House (Volume II)
Queechy (1854 Tauchnitz edition, volume I)
Queechy (1854 Tauchnitz edition, volume II)
The Wide, Wide World (1854 Tauchnitz edition)
Wych Hazel

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The End of a Coil
The House in Town
Karl Krinken, His Christmas Stocking
The Letter of Credit
Little Nettie; or, Home Sunshine
The Old Helmet, Volume I
The Old Helmet, Volume II
Pine Needles
A Red Wallflower
Say and Seal, Volume I
Say and Seal, Volume II
What She Could
The Wide, Wide World

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