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Frank V. Webster

Bob Chester's Grit: or, From Ranch to Riches
Bob the Castaway: or, The Wreck of the Eagle
The Boy From the Ranch: or, Roy Bradner's City Experiences
The Boy Scouts of Lenox: or, The Hike Over Big Bear Mountain
The Boys of Bellwood School: or, Frank Jordan's Triumph
Comrades of the Saddle: or, The Young Rough Riders of the Plains
Cowboy Dave: or, The Round-Up at Rolling River
Darry the Life Saver: or, The Heroes of the Coast
Dick the Bank Boy: or, A Missing Fortune
Jack of the Pony Express: or, The Young Rider of the Mountain Trails
The Young Firemen of Lakeville: or, Herbert Dare's Pluck
The Young Treasure Hunter: or, Fred Stanley's Trip to Alaska

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Airship Andy; Or, The Luck of a Brave Boy
Ben Hardy's flying machine; or, Making a record for himself
The Boy Pilot of the Lakes; Or, Nat Morton's Perils
The Boys of the Wireless; Or, A Stirring Rescue from the Deep
Harry Watson's High School Days; Or, The Rivals of Rivertown
Jack the runaway; or, On the road with a circus
The Newsboy Partners; Or, Who Was Dick Box?
Only a farm boy; or, Dan Hardy's rise in life
Tom Taylor at West Point : or, The old army officer's secret
Tom the telephone boy; or, The mystery of a message
Two Boy Gold Miners; Or, Lost in the Mountains
Two Boys of the Battleship; Or, For the Honor of Uncle Sam
The high school rivals : or, Frank Markham's struggles

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