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The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann

by Gerhart Hauptmann

edited by Ludwig Lewisohn

translated by Ludwig Lewisohn, Mary Morison, Roy Temple House, Charles Henry Meltzer, Sarah T. Barrows and Bayard Quincy Morgan

This is a series of volumes of translations of Gerhart Hauptmann's plays, issued by B. W. Huebsch in New York starting in 1912. By 1917, 7 volumes had come out. Eventually the series went to 9 volumes, but the last two, which did not appear until the 1920s, are still copyrighted in the US. Below we provide links to the 7 volumes that are in the public domain in the US. Each set of volume links is followed by a description of its contents, with German titles provided where they differ from the English titles. Each volume also has an introduction by the editor, Ludwig Lewisohn. Except where noted, all translations are by the editor.

The Internet Archive has various page image formats for all 7 public domain volumes, and Project Gutenberg has transcriptions of the first two. In some cases, we link to reprints of the original editions of the volumes.

This is a "meta-book", which stitches together separate files elsewhere on the Web as they appeared in a previously published book. It is subject to removal if someone produces an integrated edition. If that happens, The Online Books Page will point to the integrated version.