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A History of Science

by Henry Smith Williams and Edward Huntington Williams

This is a series of volumes of the history of science, originally published by Harper and Brothers and the Goodhue Company in the early 20th century. The first edition was published in five volumes in 1904. In 1909 and 1910, ten-volume editions were published, with the original five volumes plus five new ones. Some editions use the title "Everyday Science" for the latter portion of the set. An eleventh key and index volume was also published.

The Internet Archive has various page image formats for most of the volumes, as does Google Books. (The Google Books editions might not be readable in full outside the United States.) In addition, Project Gutenberg has transcriptions of the early volumes. We give links to the various online editions below.

This is a "meta-book", which stitches together separate files elsewhere on the Web as they appeared in a previously published book. It is subject to removal if someone produces an integrated edition. If that happens, The Online Books Page will point to the integrated version.