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The Catalog of Copyright Entries, published by the US Copyright Office, contains a list of all copyright registrations received. This information can be used to This page includes pointers to electronic copies of copyright registrations. We're particularly interested in renewal registrations to help find public domain works, but we also collect original registrations. We'd like to get help from the community in putting this material online, and in doing useful analyses of it.

Summaries and indexes

At present, there is no single searchable index for all online copyright registrations. Below we list sites that allow a large selection of records to be searched. We list them roughly in chronological order of coverage.

Copyright records, by year

1891 - 1928

Our historic registration records page has pointers to original and renewal copyright records up to 1928. All copyrights registered in those years have expired in the US.

1929 - 1949

See this page for original and renewal copyright records from 1929 to 1949. Original copyrights from these years may still be in force; renewal copyrights from these years (for original copyrights from before 1929) have now expired in the US.

1950 - 1977 (with renewals of copyrights from 1922 - 1950)

These years are not yet in an official database; however, various projects have scanned original and renewal copyright registration page images. See also the transcriptions and indexes above. Books may be covered under copyrights in related categories. (For instance, if a portion of a book first appeared in a magazine, it may still be copyrighted under the magazine's copyright even if the book's copyright was not renewed.) A few renewals for previous years were not cataloged until the 1978 issue; relevant page images for books and periodicals are linked to below.

The page images for original and renewal registrations can be found here:

1978 - present (with renewals of copyrights from 1950 - 1977)

You can see copyright registration records from 1978 onward from the Copyright Office's Copyright Records web site. This will include renewals for copyrights from 1951 onward (and some, but not all, renewals for 1950 copyrights), as well as original registrations from 1978 onward. For information on how to use the system, see this file. Note that due to changes in copyright law, all works copyrighted in 1964 or later automatically had their copyrights renewed, whether or not a renewal was filed, and works copyrighted after 1977 have a single long term with no renewal.

If you'd like to work with the database as a whole, and are willing to run some code to process it, made an unofficial copy of the Copyright Office data available in the early 2000s. In 2008, Google made available an XML version of these records, slightly massaged.


This work is supported by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, which hosts this site, supports its editor, and has scanned many of the drama and image renewals, by the Universal Library Project at Carnegie Mellon, which scanned page images for the "books" portion of the renewal volumes, the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, which provide much of the storage space for the scanned images, by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Newark Public Library, and Stanford University Libraries, which have supplied volumes to be scanned, by Google Books, which has scanned many of the Catalog of Copyright Entries volumes, by Philip Harper and Project Gutenberg, who are providing transcriptions of some of these records, and by volunteers and donors from the Internet community. Volunteer scanners of renewal pages include Dianne Bean, Mary Mark Ockerbloom, John Mark Ockerbloom, Juliet Sutherland, and Greg Weeks. If you'd like to help out, write to find out more how you can get involved with this project. Thanks to everyone helping out. (Thanks also to the Copyright Office for compiling this material in the first place, and for maintaining the online records from 1978 onward.)

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